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Guaranteeing the perfect services
Terms and conditions
Expedition time
Tracking of packages
Changing goods
Withdrawal from the purchase contract
Complaint procedure
Claim delivery services

Guaranteeing the perfect services

Offer our e-shop is regularly updated, so we always kept the lowest price level.

Terms and conditions

Order a conclusion of the purchase contract

All orders submitted through this online store are binding. By placing an order the buyer confirms that he is aware of these business conditions and the complaint procedure and that they agree. Order is a draft purchase agreement. The purchase contract shall arise upon receipt of ordered goods by the buyer. The condition of the electronic order form is to fill all the prescribed information and requirements. The place of delivery is the address given by the buyer in the registration form. Title to the goods passes to the buyer, subject to payment of the purchase price of his takeover. By completing the registration form or a binding order in our online store, the buyer gives the seller consent to the collection and archiving of personal data and on the buyer's purchases.

Rights and obligations of the seller

The seller is obliged to execute a binding order, send the goods ordered and delivered to the address of the buyer. When taking the goods from our carrier the buyer receives the goods tax receipt. Any personal data provided during registration are confidential (see Privacy). Seller has the right to refuse an order if the buyer has repeatedly failed to fulfill its commitment to remove the goods and pay the purchase price. Seller has the right to the purchase agreement (binding order) to resign, if it becomes impossible transactions, unless it agrees with the buyer on the new performance.

Rights and obligations of the buyer

The buyer is obliged to give correct and complete mailing address to which the ordered goods to be sent. The buyer is obliged to remove the merchandise and pay full price. The total price the customer is understanding when completing your order prior to its binding confirmation. Buyer has the right to cancel the order or sent to return the goods within 14 days of receipt.
Each order is bound by our terms and conditions. Provided consignment, order will be sent to the customer picked up on delivery, will in any case required to pay the costs incurred in dispatch of the goods and handling fee (a penalty) of 10% of the amount of cash on delivery. By submitting your order you agree to our terms and conditions and contractual fine in this amount.


These terms and conditions apply as stated on the website of the seller, the date of sending the electronic order buyer. By sending the electronic order, the buyer accepts all the provisions of the marketing conditions in force at the date of submitting the order, whether valid price of the goods ordered listing in our online business, unless in a particular case clearly states otherwise. Participants explicitly within the meaning of the provisions of § 262 paragraph 1 of the Commercial Code, agreed that unless the conditions expressly stated otherwise, their rights and obligations of the Commercial Code, in particular the provisions of § 409 et seq.


CountryBasic rate of shipping (excluding VAT)Free Shipping order sum
Austria4,86 €134,75 €
Czech Republic2,84 €96,25 €
Germany5,39 €231,00 €
Hungary4,20 €134,75 €
Poland5,39 €231,00 €
Slovakia3,08 €96,25 €
United Arab Emirates59,22 €
Argentina57,75 €
Australia57,75 €
Belgium9,23 €
Bulgaria9,23 €
Brazil71,23 €
Canada51,98 €
Switzerland16,13 €
China57,75 €
Cyprus9,23 €
Denmark9,23 €
Estonia9,23 €
Egypt77,00 €
Spain9,23 €
Finland9,23 €
France9,23 €
United Kingdom9,23 €
Greece9,23 €
Hong Kong71,23 €
Croatia9,23 €
Indonesia61,60 €
Ireland9,23 €
Israel61,60 €
India61,60 €
Iceland38,50 €
Italy9,23 €
Japan48,13 €
South Korea57,75 €
Lithuania9,23 €
Luxembourg9,23 €
Latvia9,23 €
Moldova24,07 €
Malta9,23 €
Mexico46,20 €
Malaysia57,75 €
Netherlands9,23 €
Norway16,13 €
New Zealand57,75 €
French Polynesia84,70 €
Pakistan57,75 €
Portugal9,23 €
Qatar63,61 €
Romania9,23 €
Serbia23,10 €
Russia38,50 €
Sweden9,23 €
Singapore63,53 €
Slovenia8,85 €
Thailand53,90 €
Turkey23,10 €
Taiwan63,53 €
Ukraine20,68 €
United States51,98 €
South Africa73,15 €


CountryAvailable payment methodFee for payment (excluding VAT)
United Arab EmiratesCredit Card
ArgentinaCredit Card
AustriaBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
Credit card payment in the retail store0,65 €
AustraliaBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
BelgiumBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
BulgariaBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
BrazilCredit Card
CanadaCredit Card
SwitzerlandBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
ChinaCredit Card
CyprusBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
Czech RepublicCash
Credit Card
Credit card payment in the retail store0,65 €
GermanyBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
Credit card payment in the retail store0,65 €
DenmarkBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
EstoniaBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
EgyptCredit Card
SpainBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
FinlandBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
FranceBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
United KingdomBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
GreeceBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
Hong KongCredit Card
CroatiaCredit Card
HungaryBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
Credit card payment in the retail store0,65 €
IndonesiaCredit Card
IrelandBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
IsraelCredit Card
IndiaCredit Card
IcelandCredit Card
ItalyBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
JapanBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
South KoreaCredit Card
LithuaniaBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
LuxembourgBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
LatviaBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
MoldovaCredit Card
MaltaBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
MexicoCredit Card
MalaysiaCredit Card
NetherlandsBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
NorwayBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
New ZealandBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
French PolynesiaBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
PhilippinesCredit Card
PakistanCredit Card
PolandBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
Credit card payment in the retail store0,65 €
PortugalBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
QatarCredit Card
RomaniaBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
SerbiaCredit Card
RussiaCredit Card
SwedenBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
SingaporeCredit Card
SloveniaBank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
SlovakiaCash on delivery0,93 €
Bank Transfer (advance invoice)
Credit Card
Credit card payment in the retail store0,65 €
ThailandCredit Card
TurkeyCredit Card
TaiwanCredit Card
UkraineCredit Card
United StatesCredit Card
South AfricaCredit Card

Expedition time

Expedition time is defined as the time from order receipt to dispatch of goods (goods dispatch of delivery of goods delivery service). This period is calculated on the following working day after receiving the order and includes working days required to process orders. Expedition time is given for each product explicitly.
If you buy products with different forwarding period, the dispatch time of the whole consignment is intended as the longest period specified in dispatching the goods purchased. Date of dispatch orders will be sent an e-mail with the confirmation of the ordered goods.
Alone transport time of goods is shown in the following table:

CountryTransport time (days)Maximum delay submission of the consignment
United Arab Emirates5
Czech Republic1
United Kingdom3
Hong Kong7
South Korea7
New Zealand7
French Polynesia7
United States4
South Africa7

Tracking of packages

The e-mail address of the customer when the goods shipped parcel number is sent along with the estimated time of delivery.
Each delivery service with which we cooperate, allowing on-line tracking. Link to track the package will be sent an e-mail with notice of shipments dispatched.

Changing goods

Our store also allows you to exchange goods if the goods do not meet your needs.
The procedure for the exchange of goods:
1st Locate the invoice, the goods intact wrap preferably in the original packaging
2nd Fill out our online form, click here
3rd Fill out the form that you print and add to consignment Click here
4th Goods should be sent to:Office and warehouse for Slovakia:Contact address for Slovakia
5th Seller will exchange the goods according to agreement. Since the exchange of goods associated with the additional administrative costs added to the amount of the postage fee to the normal rate in accordance with EU law.
6th We will do everything to have the goods as soon as you no later than 14 days (or by telephone arrangement). If you need the goods turnover, it is better to be discussed by phone.
7th In the event that it is impossible to carry out exchange controls the entire process of point "Withdrawal from the contract"

Withdrawal from the purchase contract

We fully respect the right of customer returns and thus withdraw from the purchase contract.
We understand that the purchase in a virtual environment is not always easy.
Buyer has the right pursuant to § 53 paragraph 7 of the Civil Code, to withdraw from the purchase contract without giving any reason within 14 days of receipt of goods.

Withdrawal from the contract must be made in writing and in compliance with this condition shall be deemed complete or electronic. printed form. If the customer chooses, the damaged goods, with no signs of use or wear, in original packaging with original proof of purchase delivered to the address of the company listed in the link below. Before returning the goods the buyer sends an e-mail or fill out the form with the invoice number and communication simultaneously notify the bank account to which he wants to return the amount paid. From this amount will be deducted the actual expenses incurred for returning the goods (in particular transport costs). Seller has the obligation to return that amount to the customer within 30 days of receipt of the withdrawal from the purchase contract.

The procedure for withdrawal from the purchase contract:
1st Locate the invoice, the goods intact wrap preferably in the original packaging
2nd Fill out our online form, click here
3rd Fill out the form that you print a přibalíte the consignment Click here
4th Goods should be sent to:Office and warehouse for Slovakia:Contact address for Slovakia
5th Seller will return the amount primarily to the bank account of the amount of the law should be entitled to deduct the cost of shipping and administrative costs

We return your money only on goods, not postage. COD Shipments will not be accepted.

Complaint procedure

You can be assured that our company will be in dealing with legitimate complaints to the manufacturer always on your side.
1st Please see below Reclamation, under which all employees are governed by our organization.
2nd Locate warranty (invoice) to reklamovanému goods which will be issued with the goods.
3rd Fill electronic form on our site.
4th Print complaint form , which replaces the accompanying letter.
6th Check the package contents for complaints includes: warranty, completed and printed complaint form and unpacked by warranty.
7th Deliver goods to:Office and warehouse for Slovakia:Contact address for Slovakia
8th Claim will be processed according to law.


Basic terms

1st This Complaints Procedure is processed under the provisions of Act No. 40/1964 Coll., Civil Code, No. 513/1991 Coll. and Act No 634/1992 Coll., Consumer Protection Act, as amended (the "Act") and applies to consumer goods (hereinafter referred to as "Goods") for which the warranty period is exercised the right of the Buyer from liability for defects ( hereinafter referred to as "Claims").

2nd "Consumer contract" is a contract purchase, contract for work, or other contracts where parties are on the one hand, consumers and other supplier.

3rd "Seller" is a trading company Necy, Ltd., established Upper Square 839, 76321, Slavičín, IN: 28,285,425th Company registered in the Commercial Register, led by the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, insert 58632nd

4th Our customer e-shop is a "Buyer". Given the existing law, the buyer makes a distinction, which at the conclusion and performance of the contract acts in a commercial or other business and consumer buyers. The warranty period starts taking over Buyer. The warranty period is 24 months, with the exceptions provided by law. The warranty period is extended for a period during which the goods during the warranty repair. In cases where goods begin a new warranty.

5th The warranty does not cover due to the wear of normal use.

6th At the request of the consumer, the seller must provide a guarantee in writing (warranty). Permitted by the nature of things, rather than a warranty certificate is sufficient to give the buyer proof of purchase, the case containing the information (invoice), which must include information such warranty. The warranty card must contain the name and surname, name or trade name of the seller, identification number, registered office, if a legal person, or residence, if a natural person. If given more than the statutory warranty, the seller shall determine the conditions and extent of extension of the guarantee in the warranty certificate.

7th The consumer is entitled to withdraw from the contract in all cases provided by law. The withdrawal is effective against the Seller from the time he delivered a statement on the Buyer terminate the contract, if all necessary legal conditions. In the event of cancellation of the contract is canceled and the start of the contracting parties are obliged to return everything and get on that basis provided it. In the event of cancellation due to application of the rights arising from liability for defects, the buyer returns the transaction which Seller gave him only in so far as this is the situation objectively possible.

8th The consumer has the guarantee:
in terms of removable defect, the right to free, proper and timely removal of defects, replacement of the defective goods or defective parts, if given the disproportionate nature of the defect and, if such a procedure is not possible, the right to a reasonable discount on the purchase price or withdraw from the purchase contract case of removable defect preventing proper use of property, the right to exchange defective goods or to withdraw from the purchase contract in terms of removable defects occurring in greater numbers and repeatedly to prevent a proper use of property, replacement of the defective goods or to withdraw from the purchase agreement with respect to other irremovable defects and is not required to exchange things, the right to a reasonable discount on the purchase price or withdraw the purchase contract

Claim Processing

1st The buyer submits a complaint directly with the Seller.
2nd Claims, including the removal of defects must be settled without undue delay, within 30 days of lodging a claim if the seller and the buyer agree on a longer period. After this period, the Buyer accorded the same rights as if it were a removable defect.
3rd In situations where you need to send goods to the Seller, the Buyer in its own interest leads to the goods packed in an appropriate and adequately protecting packaging material satisfying the demands of transport fragile goods, including all accessories and identified the consignment appropriate symbols.
4th The seller sends the buyer an e-mail (address shown on the complaint sheet), which confirms the receipt of goods to the complaint.
5th Eligibility for the guarantee lapses in the case of improper installation of the Goods or non-expert in service, as well as the improper handling, ie in particular the use of the goods in conditions that do not conform to their parameters the parameters specified in the documentation for the goods.
6th All information about the complaint can be obtained from contacting our business.
7th In the event of withdrawal from the purchase contract or obtain discounts on the purchase price is refunded to Buyer the relevant payment by transfer to a bank account or transferred in cash at the box office at the headquarters of the company or of a facility.

The cost of shipping the legitimate claims

Costs associated with the transport of goods to the service and return of service will be reimbursed if the following conditions:
1st claim is justified (it will not be such a malfunction caused by operational error, mechanical damage, etc.)
2nd shall apply for reimbursement of necessary costs associated with the transport of goods claimed
3rd writing Doložíme the cost (bill for postage, shipping list, etc.)

Warning: You can pay only the costs a reasonable amount, given the nature of the goods (such as costs for postage and not for the taxi service). If the claim is justified, not with the settlement of any legitimate complaints related charges.
In the case of unjustified complaints can be individually assessed cost of transporting goods to service and back.

Claim delivery services

If your shipment arrives damaged, please do the following:

1st Always inspect the consignment from the carrier.

2nd The packaging is damaged (wrinkled, torn, soaked ...) write down immediately with the carrier protocol damaged shipment.

3rd Do not convince the carrier that the consignment is not properly secured.

In the case of a problem with the delivery service, please contact us. Your problem will be resolved with the carrier and notify you the next step. Damaged shipments may not be your concern and annoyance will not be shopping in our store.
Consignee is obliged to inspect the consignment on receipt and obvious on the surface of the packaging and shipment noticeable damages, respectively. clear and identifiable within the partial loss of goods such damage and loss to claim shippers. The extent of damage or partial loss of the contents of the consignment shall be drawn up immediately a damage report. Freight Forwarder is obliged to write such registration.
If the damage or partial loss of the contents of shipments during the transmission and receipt of the recipient obvious, the consignee shall notify the Freight Forwarder the damage without undue delay after it found out within 3 working days of delivery. Recipient is obliged to allow consignors to drafting the minutes of the damage personally and physically check the extent of the damage.
The beneficiary can claim the drafting of the Protocol with shippers, contact the seller in writing without delay. The written notice shall indicate the buyer found defects, ie defects tell us about what it is and how its effects. Written notice of defects detected buyer applies at the seat of the seller.


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